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Would You Employ Your Younger Self? Navigating Inclusivity in Leadership

“Would the 54-year-old me employ the 24-year-old me?”

John Neal, CEO of Lloyd’s

This introspective question, posed by John Neal, CEO of Lloyd’s, serves as a daily reminder to consider younger perspectives in leadership decisions. It also highlights the significance of fostering inclusivity in the workplace, a topic discussed at the recent “Leaders of Tomorrow” conference hosted by Sheridan Resolutions.

The Younger Perspective

The conference served as a platform for younger professionals in the London Insurance market to share their views on what needs to change to attract the right talent. The focus was on adapting to evolving customer demands and preparing for future challenges in the industry.

Self-Check on Inclusivity

One of the key takeaways is the need for leaders to continually assess their own level of inclusivity. This isn’t just about being open to different demographics but also involves creating the space and time to listen to diverse perspectives actively.

Brave Communication and Bold Decisions

Inclusivity requires more than just a willingness to listen; it demands brave communication. Leaders must be prepared to take bold decisions based on the varied viewpoints they encounter. This proactive approach ensures that the organization stays aligned with both current needs and future challenges.


The question of whether you would employ your younger self serves as a valuable reminder to remain inclusive to younger perspectives, especially as markets and customer needs evolve. It’s not just about adapting to change, but about fostering an environment where change can be discussed, analyzed, and acted upon from multiple viewpoints.

About the Author

Caroline Sheridan is the Chair of Workplace and Employment CMC group and the Founder of Sheridan Resolutions. She specializes in facilitating dialogues around inclusivity in the workplace.

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