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Resolution strategies

Empowering leaders with strategies to resolve conflict

What we do

The right resolution approach depends on the shift required to create healthy organisations.

We work with you to create systems, process and cultures that encourage and embrace healthy conflict at work. We promote best practice and recognise that a grievance culture needs to replaced with one focused on resolution, not conflict.  The cost of that conflict is high and so we are committed to fostering a climate where people feel empowered, supported and nurtured to do their best work.

Resolution offerings include


Review policies and procedures


Conflict skills for managers training


Mediation awareness


Facilitated conversations


Internal mediator development


Coach and mediator supervision

Our services

We offer three programmes to empower your directors to resolve conflict


Includes basic training and awareness on resolution strategies


Focused on the development of resolution advocates within your organisation.


Targeted at providing a full service support across the five steps to resolution

Why us?

Diverse, global & experienced
Our clients have a diverse set of needs, so we are committed to ensuring we have an equally diverse team of global facilitators and mediators with all the right personal qualities to provide the best value.

Helping organisations move from a culture of complaint to one of solution.

Award winning

We are immensely proud to be an award-winning global consultancy. We have received a number of awards and recognitions over the years which most recently include:

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