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Neutral assessments & investigations

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – practical solutions when you need them

What We Do

Neutral Assessment provides a highly effective alternative option for positively managing difficult employee relations issues.

This award winning approach is proven to provide real and sustained improvements for clients by engaging with staff and identifying practical solutions. When formal processes are necessary, we offer expert independent investigators; ensuring an objective and robust process to reduce the risk of claims.

Even in a meditation, a prior picture of the facts can be vital. A fair investigation is key, the foundation-stone on which all your later decisions rest. But investigations can be protracted, contentious, complex and distracting.

Our investigators have substantial experience in reaching conclusions which are clear, reasoned and legally robust. They are used to handling matters of urgency, complexity and sensitivity with the upmost discretion.

How we do it?

Focus on the critical parts

Our team will focus on those parts of workplace disputes which are critical to the reaching of a practical solution, whether that is in relation to complex disciplinary or grievance matters, or allegations of harassment, discrimination, bullying or whistleblowing detriment and whether through mediation or more formal processes.

Why us?

Provide recommendations for resolution

Our consultants, mediators and investigators can look into matters from the shop floor to the board room. They can report solely on facts or alternatively provide recommendations for resolution where requested. We ensure an objective and robust process with in-depth reports tailored to your requirements.

Why us?

Our team will defend its conclusions in correspondence, meeting or court/tribunal as need be.

Your guarantee of independence is that their personal reputations and professional conduct rules will not allow them to advance views they do not believe in. Particularly where matters of whistleblowing or harassment/bullying are concerned, they will bring an objective and impartial eye to bear which will give your investigation credibility both within and outside the organisation.

Your HR and line managers will know that their own subsequent decisions have a solid footing in law and fact, that they have focused on what is recent, relevant and resolvable and that they will be seen to have taken into account all the relevant considerations in terms which are resilient and defensible.

Helping organisations move from a culture of complaint to one of solution.

Objective and
impartial eye


footing in law

The quality of the investigation report will stand out and enabled us to take the appropriate action and follow through on the recommendations made. We was impressed with the level of detail, the tone of the report and the approach the investigator took. Our people felt heard and were able to find the courage to speak up.

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