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Conflict Coaching & Team Facilitation

Improve self-confidence skills with one-to-one conflict coaching & team facilitation

What we do – Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a one-to-one intervention to help you work through a specific challenge or dispute

Our resolution team are specialists in restoring and strengthening professional relationships at work.

How to solve conflict?

Our conflict coaches enable you to:


Quickly identify and address tensions


Explore creative and effective ways to manage conflict or tension


Have more awareness of your impact on others


Reflect, plan, and move forward with resolution ideas with confidence

Costs of Workplace Conflict to the UK (£)

2020 Report from Acas

For every employee in the country (£)

How we do it – Conflict Coaching

Our coaching support ranges from short impact sessions to longer programmes
We work with you to help you navigate through interpersonal conflict between individuals and teams. We support by creating a safe environment where everyone can express their concerns in an impactful way and hear others’ perspectives.

What we do – Conflict Team Facilitation

Our experts work with individuals and teams to develop and enhance the skills that lead to successful collaboration raising productivity and performance.

Successful collaboration is about teamwork excellence, where team members can build and maintain trust and accept that conflict will not only come with the territory but is a necessary facet of working as a high- performing team.

Team members will be able to:


Recognise, and be sensitive to, the possible challenges to successful collaboration and promoting collaboration


Recognise their own and others’ conflict and thinking styles in a team context


Manage team conflict effectively


Adjust their behaviours and communication styles taking into account personality traits.

How we do it? – Team Facilitation

Tools and psychometrics

There are a range of approaches and techniques to support the development of a positive team dynamic, engage leaders in dialogue and form agreements that will help them to move forward as a collective. For some organisations, that

may be to integrate the Strength Deployment Indicator, the Hogan Suite, Thomas Kilmann Indicator, or other as preferred. We can provide you with the guidance you need to make the right choice for your organisation and team offsite.

We can help to break deadlock

At the root of many conflicts is an individual who has not felt properly heard or listened to