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Remote Team Coaching and Collective Leadership: A Guide

The Shift to Remote Work

The move to remote work has its pros, like no commutes and flexible dressing, but also cons like endless Zoom calls and blurred work-life boundaries.

Concerns for Leaders

Leaders face challenges in engaging team members and fostering a healthy culture remotely. The standard team meeting often becomes a lackluster obligation rather than a development opportunity.

Rethinking Team Meetings

Leaders should consider the qualities they wish to develop in their team and use team meetings as a tool for such development. For example, promoting a collegiate atmosphere can be achieved through specific activities during these meetings.

Leadership Through Conversations

Leadership often unfolds through various one-on-one conversations—interviews, feedback, goal-setting, etc. However, collective leadership is best nurtured in team meetings, the “family dinners” of the corporate world.

The Importance of Team Meetings

Well-planned and executed team meetings can facilitate high-quality discussions and decisions. They are platforms for trust-building, honest conversations, risk-taking, and collective problem-solving.

Practical Tips for Effective Meetings

  • Use an energy-led, priorities-based agenda.
  • Invite members to share successes and challenges.
  • Prepare stimulating questions for team discussions.
  • Encourage presentations on work plans or completed projects.

The Role of the Leader

The leader’s role is to focus on long-term development, talent harnessing, and energy channeling towards the team’s collective purpose.

External Support

Consultants like Sheridan Resolutions can assist leaders in maximizing the developmental potential of team meetings.

About Julia Rowan

Julia Rowan has over 20 years of experience in executive and team coaching, specializing in helping teams quickly get to the heart of their issues and build sustainable solutions.

By focusing on these aspects, leaders can successfully navigate the challenges of remote work while fostering collective leadership within their teams.

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