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Reframing Purpose, Values and Behaviours


With a new CEO on board, our client had embarked on a process of repositioning its business in the face of tremendous change. The leadership team believed that to successfully deliver the long-term execution of the new business strategy, the strategy needed to be directed towards a clear organisational purpose and underpinned by commonly held Values and Behaviours.

The solution

Working closely with a multi-disciplinary internal stakeholder group, we designed and facilitated two workshops to learn what resonated best with Fidelity International colleagues and what was missing. Building on the insights and ideas generated, we presented a new articulation of Purpose, Values and Behaviours that would help the leadership create the conditions to support the firms’ strategic transformation and future success.

Working with Sheridan was a great experience. It was a truly collaborative effort. We acted as one team, working in an agile way on a project that we all felt really passionate about. These sorts of powerful cultural change initiatives can sometimes become overly complex but we worked quickly, with a clear goal and timeframe in mind. Plus we had fun! Our coach’s supportive and calm approach really suited our business.

Global Head of Communications, Asset Management


The open and inclusive process generated high levels of engagement and trust. The strength and clarity of the employee voice influenced the Leadership to adopt simpler, bolder and more authentic language. Global teams on the ground have found the new language clear, ambitious and inspiring, and it has quickly become embedded in all facets of life at Fidelity International. During the pandemic, the new language has resonated and provided a framework for the organization as it has sought to adapt and respond during unprecedented times.

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