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PushFar and Sheridan Resolutions Form Strategic Partnership to Amplify Digital Mentoring and Coaching Solutions


PushFar, a UK-based global mentoring software provider, and Sheridan Resolutions Ltd, an award-winning business specializing in a range of coaching solutions, have announced a strategic partnership. This alliance aims to enhance the impact of mentoring and coaching through a digital platform, meeting the growing demand from organizations.

About PushFar and Sheridan Resolutions

  • PushFar: Provides mentoring program and relationship management technology to over 35,000 individuals and a diverse client base, both in the UK and internationally.
  • Sheridan Resolutions: Offers solutions in leadership development, executive coaching, team performance, and mediation relationship development. The company operates across the UK, USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Synergy and Offerings

The collaboration will serve as an extension to existing services from both companies, offering clients comprehensive tools for effective mentoring and coaching.

  • For Sheridan Resolutions: PushFar’s technology will enable real-time, scalable mentoring solutions.
  • For PushFar: The partnership will allow the addition of specialized HR solutions via Sheridan, including coaching solutions, leadership, and mediation services.

Client-Centric Approach

Both companies will work closely to ensure that the technology and services are aligned with client needs. They will also explore technological advancements to further enhance their offerings.

Statements from CEOs

  • Ed Johnson, CEO of PushFar: Expressed excitement about the partnership, citing Sheridan’s world-leading coaching services and the opportunity to extend service offerings to a broader clientele.
  • Caroline Sheridan, CEO of Sheridan Resolutions: Expressed enthusiasm for the PushFar platform, noting its complementary nature to Sheridan’s existing services and the mutual benefits for clients of both companies.


This strategic partnership not only signifies growth for PushFar and Sheridan Resolutions but also promises to deliver enhanced, client-focused solutions in mentoring and coaching through a digital platform.

For more information about PushFar, visit PushFar Business.

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