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PushFar and Sheridan Resolutions Announce Strategic Partnership


PushFar and Sheridan Resolutions Ltd are delighted to announce a strategic partnership to further mentoring and coaching impact through a digital platform. 

PushFar, a UK-based global mentoring software provider, will be working closely with Sheridan Resolutions to deliver the platform as an extension to their existing services. With the recent increase in organisations turning to both coaching and mentoring to engage employees, the collaboration will help both organisations offer their clients all the tools necessary for impactful mentoring and coaching to take place. 

Sheridan Resolutions is an award-winning business, delivering a wide range of coaching solutions; from leadership development and executive coaching through to team performance and mediation relationship development, working with clients across the UK, USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. 

PushFar’s technology provides more than 35,000 individuals and an extensive array of clients across the UK and internationally, with mentoring programme and relationship management. The platform provides a solution for organisations of any size looking to run and scale mentoring schemes effectively, whilst being able to monitor engagement, capture feedback and ensure that mentoring relationships are thriving. 

Through this link-up, PushFar’s technology will support Sheridan in delivering real-time, impactful and scalable mentoring solutions, both to its existing clients and in discussions with new businesses, as both PushFar and Sheridan grow. At the same time, the partnership provides PushFar with the ability to offer existing additional specialist HR solutions through Sheridan Resolutions in the form of coaching solutions, leadership and mediation services. 

Both companies will be working closely to ensure that the technology and service delivery continue to align on every level with client requirements, whilst also exploring additional technological advancements in their offerings. 

On the partnership, PushFar’s CEO, Ed Johnson, said: 

“I am thrilled that we are forming this partnership with Caroline and her team at Sheridan Resolutions. This partnership not only helps us to offer mentoring to a wider array of organisations, but also means that we can extend our service offering to both existing and new clients who join PushFar’s platform. The Sheridan team are world-leading coaching providers, proven by their impressive track-record, client base and the work that they continue to do every day, to deliver these coaching solutions.” 

Caroline Sheridan, CEO of Sheridan Resolutions, said: 

“I very much look forward to working with PushFar. Their platform is the best mentoring platform we found and gives Sheridan Resolutions the ability to offer a technology solution for quality mentor and mentee matching as a new service to our clients which is completely complementary to and consistent with our existing services. I expect that the collaboration will be a fruitful one not just for both our businesses, but more particularly, for both companies’ clients and we have already signed up our first clients for the platform.” 

Further details about PushFar can be found at: https://www.pushfar.com/business. 

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