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One team ethos


The recently-appointed MD of the Distribution division planned to bring his top 70 leaders and influencers together for a day to set out his vision, plans, and expectations for 2020. After 3 months in role, he had observed his team operating in silos, with no common goals, and pulling in different directions. To lead the business forward, he needed them to start thinking as ‘one team’ with a shared leadership mindset to deliver the 2020 vision

The solution

The Distribution MD asked Sheridan to help infuse the event with a ‘one team’ ethos and to co-compere the day long programme with him. Our coach joined the internal prep team, working alongside other contributors to review the end-to-end plan for the event, and point out opportunities to underscore important leadership messages and demonstrate a ‘one team’ mindset in the design and delivery of the day.

A crucial part of the role was to facilitate a fun, high-impact opening ‘Challenge’ that would shake participants out of ‘conference spectator mode’, engage their creative right brains and make associations to the reality of leadership, while breaking down barriers and creating positive connections across the team.

The Sheridan team were impressive with their passion and enthusiasm making the event the success it was. Her creative flair and professional attitude made them an absolute pleasure to work with. I would particularly mention the collaborative way the facilitators connected with me and my team and their challenge and input throughout the event. The Leadership came away feeling re-energised, fully engaged and positive with a shared mind-set and clear focus on the future objectives for the business.

MD at UK Wealth Management firm


The Challenge was a huge success. It brought the value of a ‘one team’ mindset to life, while giving permission for a typically conference-weary group of Sales leaders to show their fun and creative sides and be positively received by their colleagues. It raised expectations that this would be an enjoyable day and put leaders in a positive frame of mind to engage with a day of strategic business-focused content. Having a co-facilitator meant the MD was free to both participate in the round table sessions and partner with our coach to draw out views, create connections and synthesize themes.


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