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In our Sheridan Resolutions “Coaching through Change” breakfast held in October, we shared our own case studies of work with clients – and listened closely to excellent input from attendees on their experiences of using executive coaches during times of change. Our forthcoming paper on the same subject will, as a result, be packed full of great Best Practice and Case Studies on the subject. We’ve had so much success recently in launching coaching and leadership programmes across the world. In our recent experience working with clients, the best coaching programmes use a high-quality global faculty of executive coaches with a wide range of experience in a variety of coaching circumstances, business sizes, sectors and geographies. Best practice executive coaching during change brings improved levels of performance to existing and future roles; accelerates high potential; manages stress during change, conflict or crisis; and acts as a confidential sounding board for sensitive and strategic management issues.

Coaching is there to unlock the potential in each individual, yet only around one-third of organisations make use of it in developing people for executive roles. In today’s changing world, we are not always able to make time to stand back, reflect and see the bigger picture – and yet everything leaders do well starts with thinking and making time to do exactly this. To use executive coaching through change enables the space for self-reflection and therefore ensures decisions and outcomes are hugely positive for coaches and organisation alike.

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