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London Stock Exchange Group

MD 360 programme​


A key aspiration of the Executive Committee was to create a Feedback Culture. To support this aspiration we partnered with LSEG and designed a 360˚ feedback process, where MD’s had the opportunity to learn from the feedback they received to improve themselves and LSEG in the process,. ​

The solution

360˚ feedback tools are fairly generic; how they are sponsored, communicated and administered are the keys to success. We partnered with LSEG to ensure:​

  • Tone from the top: senior sponsorship and clear communications. We co-facilitated a number of briefing sessions to feedback providers.​
  • We created a clear purpose: to support the growth of individuals, teams and the organisation ​
  • Feedback, against LSEG leadership framework was gathered in 2 ways: on-line for self-evaluation and feedback from direct reports and through coach interviews with line managers, peers and stakeholders to ensure impactful, candid, feedback​
  • The 360˚ report was then presented to the leader in a one-on-one coaching conversation​
  • Leaders receive a customised set of developmental recommendations, mapped to LSEG’s Leadership Behaviours, to help them create a personal development plan. ​

The 360 exercise is extremely impactful, it has helped me grow and understand other perceptions. It has also taught me the importance of regular feedback and more importantly how to provide it constructively”​

MD, Capital Markets


For the last 2 years the programme has supported a culture of feedback and provides valuable insights not only for individuals, but also for teams, divisions, regions and the Group as a whole. Since partnering with LSEG to deliver this programme in 2019 there has been:​

  • Clear progress and improvement in team performance and the development of a more united, collaborative culture​
  • Aggregate insights informed their Leadership Development content to ensure a data-driven approach to developmental activities​
  • Expanded self-awareness, which leads to the increased likelihood of behaviour change and reinforcement of the link between business outcomes and LSEG’s Leadership Behaviours.​
  • Participants provided feedback that they found the coaching part of the process really worthwhile as it allowed them an external unbiased view and an opportunity to process the feedback in a productive way. ​
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