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Lockdown Lessons with Mark Mulligan: A Summary

The Impact of COVID-19

The pandemic has significantly altered how we work, play, and connect. According to AXA, 63% of people reported increased work-related stress during lockdowns.

Opportunity in Challenge

Despite challenges, the situation provides an opportunity for reflection and growth. Both Olympian Leon Taylor and philosopher Nietzsche emphasize the growth potential in facing hardships.

Video Takeaways

The 7-minute video focuses on:

  • Identifying what aspects of lockdown you’ve enjoyed and wish to maintain.
  • Recognizing what is truly important to you.
  • Evaluating what hasn’t worked for you and what needs to change.

Goals for the New Norm

The video aims to help you understand your interpersonal needs and guide you towards establishing a new normal where you feel:

  • In Control
  • Connected with others
  • A sense of Belonging

By taking these lockdown lessons to heart, you can leverage the experience for personal and professional growth.

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