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Sheridan Resolutions Participates in Lloyd’s Learning Week

The Event’s Success and Scope

Lloyd’s Learning Week is an annual event now in its third year, attracting thousands of attendees. It offers both technical training and professional skills development, catering to the entire Lloyd’s market. Sheridan Resolutions was honored to contribute to this highly successful event.

Contributions by Sheridan Resolutions Associates

Special thanks go to Tracey Fox and Martin Tiplady, associates of Sheridan Resolutions, for delivering a compelling session. Martin has a rich background in HR roles in both private and public sectors, most recently serving as the HR Director of the Metropolitan Police Service. Tracey brings over 15 years of experience in dispute resolution and executive coaching, stemming from her background in business psychology.

Topic of Discussion: Managing Workplace Conflict

The session focused on the vital skill of resolving conflicts in the workplace. Conflict is an inevitable challenge, stressful for employees and managers alike. How well it is managed can either strain or strengthen workplace relationships. Tracey and Martin demonstrated that effective conflict resolution can indeed improve relationships within the workplace.

The Importance of Conflict Resolution Skills

The session emphasized that being adept at quickly resolving staff disputes is not only crucial for minimizing damage but can also be a valuable life skill. The ability to manage conflicts effectively can contribute significantly to workplace harmony.

Sheridan Resolutions’ Pride in Associates

Sheridan Resolutions expressed immense pride in having such skilled associates contribute to an event of this magnitude, cementing the firm’s reputation in the field of conflict resolution and executive coaching.

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