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Talent Management & Succession Planning

Strategic talent development builds a high-performance workplace

What We Do

We support your leaders in acquiring and demonstrating the professionalism necessary to be effective role models and to set the bar for talent initiatives at every level.

Supporting you in strategic talent development, encouraging a learning organisation, adding value to your employer brand and improving diversity management. Sheridan Worldwide helps you to build competitive advantage by developing your people to fill business-critical leadership positions.

We chose to work with Sheridan to support our Senior Leaders 360 programme.  Due to the effectiveness of this programme, Sheridan now partners with the London Stock Exchange Group for a multitude of projects which includes leadership development, diversity and inclusion programmes.

Head of Talent

London Stock Exchange Group

Our Services

A partnership to develop your strategy and ensure you can respond to change by having the right people in the right roles.

Feedback Culture

Accelerate the switch; enable everyone to give, seek and receive constructive feedback.

Talent Strategy

Create flexible strategies to meet the challenge of a constantly evolving landscape. 

Leadership Succession

 Keep a close eye on the future of work and the changing dynamics needed to remain competitive

Executive Assessment

for recruitment supported by tailored management and leadership programmes designed to fill development gaps.

Career Development

Offering you a tailored range of leadership series talks and forums with expert speaker on a wide range of topics..

Effective Recruitment

We can run effective recruitment training, culturally nuanced across the globe for your leaders.

How we do it?

Experts in creating feedback cultures

Our experts draw from their hands-on experience to provide you with the insights to build valuable talent assets and high performing teams.

Why us?

Your partnership with us helps develop a tailored approach to your strategy in line with your vision and organisational purpose

Tailored approach to strategy

Our approach is holistic, so that we can fully understand your needs and develop strategies accordingly.

Culture and leadership

Your culture and leadership behaviours are aligned to enable successful embedding of your strategy.

Communication and proposition

Engagement of all stakeholders to create a compelling proposition for employees.

International and global reach

Proven track-record, international reach, locally facilitated, culturally nuanced, always.