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High-performing team development

Teams which realise their brilliance will give you a competitive edge

What We Do

We help your teams realise their brilliance

Sheridan’s services help organisations to develop team-centric leaders who are equipped to understand, develop, leverage and manage the individual and collective attributes of teams in a variety of circumstances and development stages.

Our approach is one which meets the needs of today and develops resilient leaders who can adapt quickly to those of tomorrow. We ready teams for the constantly-shifting landscape in which they operate so change becomes second nature and its positive effects quickly apparent.





Our Services

In today’s hybrid world, teams can be nurtured to develop to have the skills they need to connect and build trust.

Teams in different locations

Some team members work in office, some out of office and some in a hybrid fashion.

Underperforming teams

Team which have the skills and aptitude to perform better if provided with an effective development and/or recalibration strategy.

Reconfigured teams

Reconfigured teams, teams facing business or market challenges and/or disruptive organisational change

New and fledgling teams

Teams that are being, or have recently been, created where guidance is needed to achieve peak performance

How we do it?

We believe there are three factors that contribute to exceptional team performance – psychological safety, vulnerability and purpose.

Sheridan works with your teams individually and collectively to spur discussion around vision, strategy, agility and shared purpose. 

We partner with them at every stage, asking the hard questions in order to challenge and catalyse their best thinking.

The Sheridan team were impressive with their passion and enthusiasm making the event the success it was. Her creative flair and professional attitude made them an absolute pleasure to work with. I would particularly mention the collaborative way the facilitators connected with me and my team and their challenge and input throughout the event. The Leadership came away feeling re-energised, fully engaged and positive with a shared mind-set and clear focus on the future objectives for the business.

MD at UK Wealth Management firm

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I felt very confident bringing Sheridan as a supplier to Barclays. My role there was to provide development for the top 250 MDs globally and I was very confident that Sheridan would be able to work globally with that level of seniority. They are one of the go-to suppliers for inclusion, leadership development, executive coaching and team development.

Kelly Geddes, Business Owner, previously Director, Barclays Bank PLC

Why us?

Because we are trusted to build high-performing teams and believe that:

Speed and trust will be the new currency

Our understanding of brain chemistry and the impact of stress will fundamentally change our conversations about team performance

Work will be re-imagined

With technology unlocking “work from anywhere”, a team’s time, place, focus and ways of work may need to be fundamentally revisited.

Emotional self-awareness

Will be a pre-requisite for screening, selecting and onboarding talent into teams

Humility, curiosity and empathy

Will become the behavioural standard across teams.


Teams will have increasing unity through greater diversity, collaboration and leadership.