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Culture & Transformational change

How a positive company culture drives the employee experience

What we do

We can help you develop a company culture that engenders trust and allows your people to feel safe, nurtured and accepted.

Culture is ever-shifting and to manage it, you must shift with it. Sheridan helps you go deep into what is going on beneath the surface in order to identify what is driving the culture.

We go beyond the quantitative data to help you develop a profound understanding of what is happening on a day-to-day basis.

We believe that how you manage business and people transformation and change will determine your future and how your brand is perceived, both internally and externally. We work with you to achieve lasting, transformational change.

How do you define and lead the culture you need for what you want the organisation to deliver?

Transformation & Change includes:


Strategy development


Organisation design


Leadership and management capability


Policy development


Purpose, values and behaviours


Team facilitation & events (add hot link to team development)


Coaching and mentoring


Business and People Transformation


'360 feedback', coaching and mentoring

We acted as one team, working in an agile way on a project that we all felt really passionate about. These sorts of powerful cultural change initiatives can sometimes become overly complex but we worked quickly, with a clear goal and timeframe in mind. Plus we had fun! Our coach’s supportive and calm approach really suited our business.

Global Head of Communications, Asset Management

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As an Executive Sponsor of the project I found that our coach facilitator showed exceptional focus, creativity and determination to ensure that this programme had a sustained impact. On occasion. I have seen ‘culture change’ done badly with limited impact, but I can only describe Sheridan’s approach as exemplary in creating something truly authentic and with wide-spread buy-in. This measurably impacted employee engagement and was also something customer facing teams would engage with their clients on.

HR Director, Asset Management

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How we do it

We use a three-step process to transform culture change at your business

Culture diagnostic

We help you identify the culture you aspire to, the stakeholders, and the supporting behaviour and characteristics.

Engage & develop

We examine your business model and the organisational design required to support it. We focus on the core skills required to support the change.

Embed and measure

We help you integrate the changes into your organisation. We adapt our offering to your needs. Measurement is key.