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Key Insights from LMForum’s New World Series 2.0 Summit on Technology, Change, and Talent


Caroline Sheridan and other experts explored the challenges and opportunities in the “New World” at the LMForum’s annual New World Series 2.0 summit. Topics ranged from hybrid work models, employee well-being, conflict management, to digital transformation.

Making Hybrid Work Successful

  • Strategy: Organizations need a multi-departmental approach to move from defense to offense.
  • Balance: Prioritizing employee preferences with business needs is essential.
  • Shared Experience: Allow organizational input for effective hybrid work implementation.

Employee Well-being

  • Resilience: Companies have adapted well to remote work, but individual experiences vary.
  • Focus: Going forward, prioritize individual employee experiences to navigate long-term arrangements.

Conflict in Return to Work Policy

  • Challenges: Employee anxieties and misunderstandings can create conflict.
  • Solution: Implement training programs to manage conflict and encourage constructive dialogue.

Digital Transformation’s Impact

  • Communication: Increased digital contact through emails, town halls, and surveys.
  • Training: Will be team and culture dependent, necessitating a focus on team development and alignment.

Harmony in Teams

  • Team Charters: Customize charters by function to onboard team members.
  • Check-ins: Use scales or specific time slots to gauge and discuss team sentiment.

Future of Learning & Development (L&D)

  • Digital Learning: Here to stay, requiring further investment in digital platforms.
  • Flexible Formats: Utilize a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions, quizzes, and assignments.
  • Engagement: Incentivize learning with achievement badges or certificates.


The summit highlighted the need for a holistic, flexible approach to adapt to the new normal, emphasizing employee experience, multi-departmental collaboration, and digital transformation as key drivers.

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