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Management consulting firm

Inclusive Leadership


Our client, a management consulting firm, is committed to improving the diversity of its workforce by building a culture that’s genuinely inclusive, a culture that empowers everyone working there to thrive and feel that they belong.

The solution

Our coach was responsible for the firm’s Inclusive Leadership Culture agenda. Significant programmes of work included:

· Building the Inclusive Leadership capability of senior leaders and their teams. Equipping them them with the skills and knowledge to drive inclusion in their business, to help them understand and grow the role that everyone plays in creating an inclusive culture. This activity is underpinned by sustained engagement and supported by practical activity such as fair work allocation and senior level accountability measures.

· An extensive enquiry into PwC’s culture to better understand the under-representation of people from a minority ethnic background in Leadership positions. This led to recommended actions which continue today and which form part of the executive board’s D&I progress measurement activities.

· The design and facilitation of an organisation wide race advocate programme


Leading “Breakthrough” a programme which tackled systemic gender challenges resulting in 55% of female participants

achieving Director and 10% achieving Partner status alongside building @50 senior inclusion Partner allies and sponsors.

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