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Create and meditate workshop

This immersive, creative workshop that promotes collaboration, enhances productivity and calms the mind through the use of creative activities and meditation.

Emma’s workshops provide a brilliant way to relax whilst trying something different and bringing people together from across an organisation. I came away from each session feeling calmer, more connected, and energised.

Isobel Fraser

Associate Director , Waverton Investment

Workshop Goals

Using creativity to express your ideas

This workshop aims to give you a clear understanding of how creativity can help you to express your ideas.

Using creativity for innovation

This workshop enhances your creativity in a productive and innovative way.

Feeling uplifted and energised

You will be feeling more energised and relaxed and you will feel more inspired throughout your day.

Creativity is all around us

Every time you see a piece of art, a book on a shelf, or a statue in the park – these only exist because someone had an idea and then applied their creativity to ensure their idea was realised. Some of the world’s greatest poets, philosophers, and inventors have used creativity to enhance their thinking and ideas. Art has been scientifically proven to increase dopamine and release neutrons that promote focus and learning. Creativity strengthens the connectivity between the left and right sides of the brain, which can help reduce depression and anxiety.

Emma Sims

Emma Sims

Creative Director

Emma Sims is a highly experienced Creative Director and this unique workshop brings together two of her passions: creativity and meditation.
Create + Meditate aims to help you come together as a team, promoting collaboration, forward-thinking and opening your mind creatively

Caroline Sheridan

Caroline Sheridan

CEO and Founder

One of the most experienced workplace and commercial mediators today. Caroline is a member of the CEDR Chambers Panel and Chair of the Civil Mediation Council’s Workplace and Employment group. Caroline is also an executive coach and supervisor with expertise across a range of industries.

Sheridan Worldwide is an outstanding provider of leadership, inclusion, mediation and coaching services. We help our clients build highly inclusive workforces where people can thrive.

Coaching & Mentoring

Realise your brilliance. Use coaching as a tool to unlock your skills and capabilities as a leader or team member.

Inclusion & Wellbeing

We have a unique opportunity afforded us by the pandemic to build fully inclusive, healthy human systems at work.

Leadership Strategies

Strong high-performance cultures are born of two things: leadership excellence and purpose-driven teams.

Resolution & Mediation

How to solve conflict? Everyone can resolve conflicts when they are empowered to create their own solutions.

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Maya Angelou

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