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Are you seeking to build an inclusive culture?

All the evidence is that properly implemented diversity and inclusion policies add concrete benefits to your bottom line. Businesses need more than ever to be seen to address this key indicator of an engaged and successful workforce. We have a unique opportunity afforded us by the pandemic to build fully inclusive, healthy human systems at work. 

When everybody is included everybody thrives

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We draw on a number of frameworks including Belonging@Work’s holistic approach which is a shift from traditional approaches to D&I, engagement and wellbeing. We believe on placing individual identity at the heart of how organisations connect with their employees.

Partnering with our clients where team connectivity drives innovation

Connect with your employees to:


Focus on each individual’s lived experience of belonging


Widen the scope of inclusion to everyone, always


Marry social connectivity, performance and wellbeing.


Reframe engagement to the more human perspective of connectivity between individual identity and the organisation

The two days were expertly led by the Sheridan team, who struck the perfect balance of vision, strategy, inclusive leadership and team bonding. ExCo arrived as individual contributors and left as a collective ready to forge ahead to deliver the business strategy and set the tone for inclusive leadership

ExCo member, Global Banking Group, UK Wealth Management division

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Our female leadership programme was aimed at high potential female talent to leverage their personal leadership styles and overcome barriers to success. We are delighted with its success and the number of women who have increased their personal impact and influence

Hannah  Czerkawska, Senior HR Business Partner, Fidelity International

Sheridan were the ideal choice in supporting us to develop and deliver the leadership programme. They have provided profound insight, experience and skills that have led to this programme being shaped into the success that it is today

Head of L&D, Miller Insurance Services LLP

Our range of wellbeing solutions are designed to offer you choice

Leading wellbeing well
Building healthy human systems at work means leaders joining the dots between human wellbeing and optimal decision-making.The pandemic is an opportunity to press a giant work “RESET” button. Humanising work must now be the priority. We can help you change your relationship with your own health, that will help increase your performance, relationships and level of happiness.

We believe that organisations in the future will compete in part on resilience, meaning the greatest opportunity now for value creation is investment in a culture that puts human health and wellbeing at its heart.

Digital wellbeing

Access to a tried and tested thriving digital platform which supports people individually and collectively, from any location.

Coaching for wellbeing

Provided by our global faculty of coaches to support you bounce back quickly from crisis and be stronger as a result.

Mental health first-aid

We provide this training and awareness workshops which teaches your people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health.

Leading self

The emphasis here is on the self, especially the inner landscape of identity, self-acceptance, values and beliefs, purpose and goals.

Leading others

It is important to look outside at stakeholder relationships, influence and impact, inclusion/exclusion, working with difference

Leading change

Exploring resistance to change and resilience with a special focus on strategic planning and personal development.

Why us?

We promote the capturing of demographic data at application and onboarding stage

Through our approach to data and monitoring, we track inclusivity throughout the employee lifecycle from onboarding to retirement. We ensure that diversity data is used to monitor impact and outcome for different groups at all stages. We then analyse this data in conjunction with the lived experience survey data and use the results on an ongoing basis to shape and adapt the EDI strategy.

Why us?

Sheridan’s first step is always active listening

No-one has more valuable input and actionable insights than you and/or your executive team, department heads and employees.

We never make assumptions or jump to solutions without fully understanding your organisation’s particular situation, objectives and opportunities. It’s only then that we begin to plan a customised solution in collaboration with you

Our programmes are run by our thought leaders, experts and specialists in the field who lead on the latest research and best practice

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