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Strategies for Pre-empting and Effectively Managing Workplace Conflict

Understanding the Importance

Workplace conflict is inevitable and dealing with it can be stressful. Effectively managing conflict not only minimizes damage but can also strengthen professional relationships.

Core Skills for Leaders and Managers

  • Diagnose the source of conflict and understand how to engage.
  • Recognize different conflict resolution approaches and select the most effective.
  • Use trusted frameworks to guide difficult conversations.

What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict coaching is a specialized skill set aimed at enabling individuals to manage or resolve conflicts. It involves a neutral third party, the conflict coach, assisting a coachee in navigating a conflict situation.

The Process

  1. Open Discussion: The coachee discusses the conflict openly with the conflict coach.
  2. Option Consideration: Different strategies for managing the conflict are discussed.
  3. Action Plan: An approach for addressing the conflict with the other party is designed.

Role of a Conflict Coach

  • Confidential Listener: Creates a safe space for open discussion.
  • Perspective Giver: Helps the coachee see the situation from multiple viewpoints.
  • Option Provider: Supports in considering various resolution strategies.
  • Plan Developer: Assists the coachee in formulating an actionable plan.

By incorporating these strategies, leaders and managers can pre-empt and deal effectively with workplace conflicts.

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