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Restoring The Humanity Into Human Resources: A Summary

The Leadership Crisis

HR practices may inadvertently facilitate the rise of unwise leaders, exacerbating a global leadership deficit.

Issues in Current HR Practices

  • Rigidity in HR systems allows manipulation by unscrupulous individuals.
  • Over-reliance on metrics and analytics strips HR of its human touch.
  • Standard performance appraisals obstruct genuine conversations.

HR at a Crossroads

HR must choose between remaining numbers-driven or rediscovering its human-centric roots to contribute meaningfully to long-term business success.

Redefining HR: Connectors in the Organization

  1. Core Values Connection: Facilitate ethical conversations rather than just compliance training.
  2. Diversity Management: Promote co-learning partnerships for effective diversity management.
  3. Team Connection: Shift to principles that encourage teamwork and shared responsibility.
  4. Wider World Connection: Consider the well-being of employees’ current and future families.
  5. Voice to the Unheard: Enable a platform for suppressed or ignored viewpoints.
  6. Conflict Resolution: Advocate for mediation over traditional grievance procedures to humanize conflict resolution.

The Way Forward

  • Traditional HR practices are becoming increasingly irrelevant.
  • Embrace the uncertainty in today’s volatile work environment as an opportunity for HR transformation.

Final Thought: Consider renaming “Human Resources” to better reflect a focus on human connection.

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