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How to solve workplace conflict?

Everyone can resolve conflicts when they are empowered to create their own solutions. Conflict can occur within any business or organisation. Our services focus on restoring communication and creating healthy working relationships. We provide a range of resolution services from policy review to management conflict training to front-line mediations. Sheridan will help you to break conflicts as they arise and to resolve them on terms that provide flexible and lasting solutions.

Repairing important professional relationships

Workplace and commercial mediation

Mediation can also be used to prevent disagreements arising or escalating. For example, enabling controversial proposals to be explained and discussed, thus limiting the risk of people adopting uninformed or unyielding positions.

Sometimes relationships at work can come under strain and when they do, mediation is often the best option. Companies are adopting a different approach to formal proceedings and increasingly reaping the benefits of developing a mediation mindset within their organisation.

Our mediators have an extensive track record of resolving disputes quickly and effectively.

The mediation process

What happens in mediation? 

Facilitation Agreement

Each person involved is asked to sign the standard Sheridan facilitation agreement, setting out the rules governing the process
Usually, some background information will be supplied in advance to the mediator by each of the parties, by telephone, in person or in writing.

F2F Meeting

The mediator may choose to bring both sides together for a focussed attempt at resolving the issues, over the course of a day or a week. Here both sides may, with their agreement, meet face-to-face or continue confidential discussions through the mediator.

Binding Agreement

Information shared with the mediator by each side is confidential and only disclosed to the other or outside the mediating parties by express agreement. Once a way forward has been reached, a binding agreement is drawn up and its implementation is planned.


The mediator facilitates the process, but the parties are responsible for the outcome. The mediator may remain in contact with both sides to ensure that the agreement reached is viable and working.

Boasting an impressive track record of working globally with the highest standards and quality of coach faculty, we work with different clients and offer extensive market knowledge within a wide range of industries.

Specific challenge or dispute

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a one-to-one intervention to help you work through a specific challenge or dispute. We work with you to help you navigate through the interpersonal conflict between individuals and teams. We support you by creating a safe environment where everyone can express their concerns in an impactful way and hear others’ perspectives. Our resolution team is a specialist in restoring and strengthening professional relationships at work.

Caroline has been able to demonstrate how her company can be of assistance in resolving a dispute, any dispute, through mediation. This is a service that any person in conflict will value and time and again. We trust Caroline and her team and highly recommend Sheridan to our clients with confidence.

Simon Tucker, Senior Lawyer, Debenhams Ottaway LLP

Sheridan had a hugely positive impact on both our organisation and for the parties who engaged in mediation following a relationship breakdown. The result has been a cohesive approach to moving forward with an agreed set of outcomes and a strengthening of their professional working relationship. It was exactly what we wanted and what was needed.

Hannah Coulson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Callastone

Conflict Team Facilitation

Our experts work with individuals and teams to develop and enhance the skills that lead to successful collaboration raising productivity and performance.

Successful collaboration is about teamwork excellence, where team members can build and maintain trust and accept that conflict will not only come with the territory but is a necessary facet of working as a high- performing team.

Team members will be able to:


Recognise, and be sensitive to, the possible challenges to successful collaboration and promoting collaboration


Recognise their own and others’ conflict and thinking styles in a team context


Manage team conflict effectively


Adjust their behaviours and communication styles taking into account personality traits.

What are the benefits of mediation?


Reduces cost


Multiple solutions

Rebuilds trust

Problem focused


Parties in control

We train you to deal with uncomfortable pressures or resolve conflicts

Mediation Skill Development

We provide you with a broader perspective on the spectrum of management tensions. This practical programme from experts in tough conversations provides indispensable skills for anyone with management or leadership responsibilities seeking to be better able to work their way through tough choices, deal with uncomfortable pressures, or resolve conflicts.

Framework for candid conversations

Using a simple and pragmatic framework when having a difficult conversation to those dialogues Confidently using key skills to surface issues , facilitate solutions and build personal resilience.


Better self-awareness of your triggers and related behaviours and practice approaches to increase your chances of success for handling situations.

Personal Strenghts

Gaining clarity into your own personal strengths and areas of development for managing differences at work.

5 Classic Mistakes

Learning the five classic mistakes to avoid when handling tough conversations.

Interpersonal Issues

Deciphering the most appropriate course of action for dealing with tough interpersonal issues.

Diverse, global & experienced

Our clients have a diverse set of needs, so we are committed to ensuring we have an equally diverse team of global facilitators and mediators with all the right personal qualities who understand and empathise with the nuances of their industry, culture and/or background.

Our mediators are drawn from a range of backgrounds and are all accredited with a high success rate. Sheridan carefully allocates mediators according to their suitability for each case.


Cases in successful resolution

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