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Team & Group Coaching

Creating team performance that drives engagement and fosters trust

What We Do

Our group and team coaching approach facilitates the breaking down of silos and supports collaboration across teams

By working with your senior teams, we can help set the tone for the whole organisation. And every team we work with increases its own ability to perform and develops its relationships with other teams in the organisation.

In a short amount of time, David brought our new team of ten together masterfully. He did this virtually as well – no easy feat. After one-to-ones with every team member, four 1⁄2 day sessions, and several sessions with our leader (me), our team is cohesive, trusting, and ready to take on 2022!

Custom Chief Officer, FTSE Talent Acquistion

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She genuinely cares about what she does and she is truly authentic in everything she takes on to make this business work – authentic is the keyword.

David Mellor, Chairman, Viridian Corporate Finance

How we do it?

We work with teams which are newly forming, hybrid, matrix and high-performing to help them retain their competitive edge and move from great to outstanding.


We begin by using our model to assess where you’re at as a team to build a clear picture of how you perform.


We provide recommendations for where to focus to improve team performance, and propose a programme to have maximum impact.


Depending on your needs, we start with the foundations; hone straight in on values and behaviours or focus on improving relationships.


We help you translate changes in thinking, behaving and relating into lasting habits with a focus on sustainability.


We will review progress, reassess against our framework, and make recommendations for the next stage of evolution as a team.

Why us?

Rapport and trust

We seek to establish rapport and gain trust, to understand a range of perspectives on the team dynamics and culture, and to learn what your people consider to be their strengths, challenges and crucial team development areas.

Why us?

Common team language

It can be useful to create a common team language across an organisation as people may move from one division to another.

However, that said, each team and or group will need to have the approach appropriately personalised to achieve the required outcomes.

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