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Everyone has the capacity for brilliance

The world of work is facing ever more demanding and complicated challenges from both outside the business and within it. Facing and adapting to them is hard. Taking your best people with you is harder still, but vital, if your organisation is to flourish. We can help your leaders to overcome those problems and translate their vision into reality.

Is your potential for best performance fully unlocked?

At Sheridan our global faculty combines a range of methodologies to enable your people to realise their brilliance to the benefit of the business and all its stakeholders. We can help you make the most of it.

How to solve workplace conflict?

We provide a range of resolution services from policy review to management conflict training to front-line mediations. Sheridan will help you to break conflicts as they arise and to resolve them on terms which provide flexible and lasting solutions.

Are your leaders ready for the future of work?

Our leadership strategy services help you understand the elements required to make a conscious shift to creating a culture that attracts, retains and motivates world-class talent.

Are you seeking to build an inclusive culture?

All the evidence is that properly implemented diversity and inclusion policies add concrete benefits to your bottom line. Businesses need more than ever to be seen to address this key indicator of an engaged and successful workforce.

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Create & Meditate

Create & Meditate

Create & Meditate WorkshopEmma’s workshops provide a brilliant way to relax whilst trying something different and bringing people together from across an organisation. I came away from each session feeling calmer, more connected, and energised.Workshop GoalsThis...

Extraordinary Experiences

Extraordinary Experiences

  A deep dive into the neuro-science of experiences, real time human energy mapping, predicting burnout and discretionary effort. With guest Dr Paul J Zak; we look at the human biology behind crafting extraordinary experiences + how these link to exceptional...

Why purpose matters

Why purpose matters

 What do we mean by sustainable business? To answer this question, we first need to answer a more fundamental question – what does it mean to live a good life? Consensus is growing around the concept of “long term wellbeing for all; people and planet”. So, what part...